Acropolis Maranatha Academy

Celebrating Success: Our School Shines at Interact’s 61st anniversary event

We are thrilled to share the fantastic news that our Class 6 and Junior High School students recently took part in the 61st Anniversary celebration of Interact, a dynamic subdivision of the Rotary Club dedicated to empowering young minds.

Our students showcased their brilliance and enthusiasm in various activities, leaving an indelible mark on this prestigious event. One of the highlights was their participation in a career guidance session, where they had the unique opportunity to explore different career paths and gain valuable insights into their future endeavours.

In addition to the career guidance session, our students engaged in a spirited quiz that put their knowledge to the test. We are overjoyed to announce that their hard work and dedication paid off, earning them a remarkable second-place position in the competition. This achievement is a testament to the academic excellence and commitment to learning that defines Acropolis Maranatha Academy.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to each student who participated in the event. Your enthusiasm and success make us incredibly proud, and we are confident that this experience will serve as a stepping stone for your future accomplishments.

It is important to acknowledge the support and guidance provided by our dedicated teachers and staff members who played a crucial role in preparing our students for this event. Their commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals is truly commendable.

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