Acropolis Maranatha Academy


At Acropolis Maranatha Academy, we embrace a rolling admission policy, allowing students to join our educational programs at any point throughout the academic year. However, it’s essential to note that we do not accept applications for students in Junior High School (JHS) 3. Students wishing to sit for their final exams at Acropolis Maranatha Academy are required to enrol in JHS 1.

We are currently accepting admissions for all classes for the 2023/2024 Academic Year. To inquire about securing a spot for your child, please visit our school office, reach out to us via email at, or call us on +233 53 551 6882.
Your child’s educational journey with us awaits.

 Admission Guidelines

Fill out and submit our registration form, which you can get at our school office

If your child is applying for the Primary or Junior High School, they will need to take and pass our Entrance Examinations.

Acceptance is based on the exam results and available class openings.

After completing the registration forms, passing the exam, and settling the required fees, your child will be admitted to the school.


Presently, we provide the GES curricula. Our teaching staff have undergone training on the updated GES curriculum and implement these strategies in teaching.

To obtain complete details regarding our highly competitive tuition and associated fees, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at +233 53 551 6882 or send an email to

Admission is conducted continuously, allowing for your child’s enrollment at any point during the school year, depending on availability in their desired class.

As firm believers in holistic education, we offer a wide range of cognitive and physical co-curricular activities to complement lessons. These include creative arts club, math and science club, sports club, cadet and interact club.

Yes, we offer a boarding option for students, both for males and females. Reach out to our office at +233 53 551 6882 to inquire about the associated boarding costs and requirements.

We have introduced a new educational management software, through which we offer comprehensive e-learning services. We provide thorough training and ongoing assistance to both students and parents, ensuring a seamless and successful e-learning experience.