Acropolis Maranatha Academy

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3 decades of nurturing Ghana’s future leaders

Welcome to Acropolis Maranatha Academy, a beacon of excellence in Ghana’s educational landscape for over three decades. We are more than just a school; we are a tight-knit community deeply rooted in Christian principles and dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Our CIRCLE values – Creativity and Innovation, Inclusivity, Respect, Curiosity, and Lifelong Learning Excellence form the foundation of everything we do. At Acropolis Maranatha Academy, we believe in cultivating not only academic prowess but also in instilling strong family values, a godly character, and a commitment to excellence in all endeavours.


3 decades of nurturing Ghana’s future leaders

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Our alumni network boasts 761 accomplished individuals

Parents Testimonials

At Acropolis Maranatha Academy, dedicated teachers make all the difference.

Jane Asmah Parent

Our child has flourished in an environment where educators go above and beyond to ensure personalized learning.

E. Mensah Parent

The commitment and passion of the teaching staff have truly impressed us.

Mr. Asare Parent

We come first in academia

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